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GeForce Driver Comparison (updated 4-2-00) If you would like to support this site, visit Crucial today Elsa Erazor X2 Review

GeForce Driver Comparison (page 6)

Should you upgrade to the 5.13 drivers? The easy answer would be yes. However, remember these are unsupported, leaked drivers. Scanning the newsgroups, I see that people are still having stability problems even with the 5.13 drivers. If you want a more stable system at the cost of some performance, then you should probably stick to the 3.68 drivers. If you like living on the edge, then try the 5.13 drivers. As an added bonus, you can play around with S3TC and FSAA. In future revisions to these benchmarks, I hope to add FSAA and overclocking results.

3D Mark 2000

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