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GeForce Driver Comparison (updated 4-2-00) If you would like to support this site, visit Crucial today Elsa Erazor X2 Review

GeForce Driver Comparison (page 4)

After the feedback I received from the initial set of benchmarks, I asked for recommendations for a good OpenGL benchmark. Tirtanium was the result of that search. This time, since people buy DDR's for high resolution 32-bit color, I chose the same. However, since most people don't have 256MB of RAM, I decided to stay with Normal Textures.

A pattern seems to be emerging. Once again, the 5.13 drivers show a nice (about 7%) performance increase. It should be noted that sometimes when I ran the 5.13 drivers through the test, it didn't appear that VYSNC was being enabled (even though the program said it was). During those tests, I was getting 48fps.


3D Mark 2000

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