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GeForce Driver Comparison (updated 4-2-00) If you would like to support this site, visit Crucial today Elsa Erazor X2 Review

GeForce Driver Comparison (page 2)

Though it is a synthetic benchmark, it is quite easy to test the Direct3D capabilities of a video card with 3D Mark 2000 from MadOnion. Benchmark was run in "Default" mode.

The 5.13 drivers show a nice, almost 6% performance increase. It's cool to see that there is still headroom left to tweak the GeForce architecture. What is kind of surprising, though, is that the High Polygon Count tests actually dropped a bit. nVidia received a lot of heat for the poor performance of its T&L engine when more than one light source was used. I would have expected them to address this area...unless that is all the hardware can produce.

Disclaimer: By now most people have seen the comments nVidia made about 3D Mark 2000. If you haven't please visit PlanetGeForce to see what Derek Perez, of nVidia, had to say.


3D Mark 2000

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