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  Smallest Available Linux Boards And Computers
  These things almost seem like toys! The smallest commercially available Linux boards and computers were officially introduced today by gumstix, inc., a start-up that produces and sells high performance Single Board Computers (SBCs) and peripherals. Based on Intel's PXA255 processor with Xscale technology, gumstix tiny boards measure 20mm x 80mm x 8mm. At nearly half the price of and a third the size of competitors, gumstix enables software developers to create smaller and more price conscious embedded devices, applications and products for the growing Linux market.

Today's announcement includes two gumstix boards and two waysmall computers:

  • gumstix 200x comes with 200MHz Intel PXA255, 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash, Operating System, MMC/SD slot, Multiple I/O.  Price: $109
  • gumstix 400x comes with 400MHz Intel PXA255, 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash, an operating system, MMC/SD slot, Multiple I/O.   Price:  $139
  • waysmall 200x, comes with a gumstix 200x in a gumstix box (83x25x15mm), 2 mini-DIN8 serial ports, 1 USB mini-B client port and a power supply. Price: $139
  • waysmall 400x comes with a gumstix 400x in a gumstix box  (83x25x15mm), 2 mini-DIN8 serial ports, 1 USB mini-B client ports, a case and a power supply.  Price: $169

Stackable for easy custom board add-ons, gumstix boards draw <250 mA at 400MHz and can be powered by three AAA NiMH batteries. A gcc toolchain offers complete access to open source software for easy porting. gumstix boards ship with 4MB flash containing u-boot-1.0.0, kernel 2.6.4 and a root file system.

The waysmall computers offer a 83mm (3.28") x 36mm (1.42") x 15mm (.59") form factor, and include a 0.65mm wall adapter (4.0V) power supply. The mini-B port uses Linux USB gadget drivers to connect to a host. The gumstix boards provide GPIO pins, serial ports, a USB 1.1 client, an MMC card slot as well as an I2C bus.


The installed software includes a busybox implementation with web server that allows users to establish a network connection over any of the USB or serial ports. A complete Linux kernel, including all source code, plus a cross-compiler let users develop applications on a host PC and then load them to the gumstix board or waysmall computer to run.

For more information, click here.

      Posted by: Agitator!!, May 14, 2004, 11:53 am  

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