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  Massive Leak 55 Stories Underground
  Engineers are trying to fix a massive leak 55 stories underground.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 21, 2018, 11:56 am  
  States can require online retailers to collect tax
  Sigh...looks like the free ride is coming to an end.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 21, 2018, 11:25 am  
  YouTube Music versus Spotify
  YouTube Music is the latest attempt by the Google-owned video network to take on Spotify and Apple Music with a premium service based on the huge music library of YouTube.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 20, 2018, 11:26 am  
  Misfire Uncovers Thousands of Flawed Army Rifles
  A selector switch malfunction on Army rifles means 900,000 rifles have to be re-tested.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 19, 2018, 11:29 am  
  'Raining' green crystals in Hawaii
  It is literally raining gems in Hawaii.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 15, 2018, 4:49 pm  
  Intel Starts Testing Smallest ‘Spin Qubit’ Chip
  Intel researchers are taking new steps toward quantum computers by testing a tiny new “spin qubit” chip.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 14, 2018, 11:19 am  
  May be time to break with your default Web browser
  USA Today looks at why it may be time to break up with your default Web browser.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 13, 2018, 11:58 am  
  How come we haven't found aliens yet?
  According to physicist Enrico Fermi, it would take only a few tens of millions of years for an advanced civilization to colonize the Milky Way — so why hasn’t some ambitious race of aliens done that?


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 12, 2018, 12:03 pm  
  IT Skills Required for Students to Compete
  In the future if you want a job, IT skills will be required for students to compete.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 11, 2018, 12:00 pm  
  Mars rover Curiosity's new findings
  NASA's roving science lab has uncovered tantalizing new evidence of organic molecules on the red planet.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 8, 2018, 11:20 am  
  Intel announces first 5 GHz processor
  In honor of the 40th anniversary of Intel’s x86 architecture, they revealed the limited edition 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8086K processor, the first Intel processor with a 5.0 GHz turbo frequency.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 5, 2018, 12:03 pm  
  Google Announced YouTube Premium
  Google announced that YouTube Red is becoming YouTube Premium.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 5, 2018, 11:58 am  
  Has physics has gone off the rails?
  Has the love of "elegant" equations overtaken the desire to describe the real world?


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 4, 2018, 11:53 am  
  FBI wants you to reboot your home router
  Here's another story from USA Today...the FBI wants you to do this one thing to your home router, now.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 1, 2018, 3:45 pm  
  Facebook to cut 'trending' news section
  Facebook will be ceasing their 'trending' news section feature.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 1, 2018, 3:23 pm  
  Matrox G200: 20 Year Anniversary
  Wow, this is a blast from the past. Matrox is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the G200.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, June 1, 2018, 11:35 am  
  The world's smallest house
  Scientists in France have fabricated a single-story home that measures only 20 microns (millionths of a meter) across.


      Posted by: Agitator!!, May 31, 2018, 12:09 pm  

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