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  WinTasks 5 Professional Software Review

Author: Mungler
Editor: Agi

What is WinTasks and what does it do?

WinTasks 5 is a utility designed to give users greater control over the processes that are running on their computers. With your taskbar completely empty of windows and all programs shut down, you may think the computer is doing nothing, but behind a thin veil, silent operations are being carried out. Windows is equipped with the Task Manager that gives some details about these processes, but it is severely lacking when it comes to explainations on what the process are, how they got started or if they are really supposed to be there.

WinTasks 5 shows all the information available in the Task Manager and then takes it much further; giving users the information they need to determine if a process should be running on their computer. Software that leeches system resources can be identified and adjusted. Trojans and other spyware can be identified and eradicated, allowing your machine to be virus/spyware free and in some cases, run that bit faster.

WinTasks main features include:

  • Process descriptions more detailed than Task Manager
  • Real-time process information display
  • Searchable process library allowing you to identify processes
  • Instant termination of any process with one click

WinTasks Pro adds the following features:

  • Activity logging, monitoring for 'illegal' activities.
  • Built-in scripting language, start only the process you want and need on Windows start up
  • Block- and Allow-lists make sure a process you don't want never gets the chance to start.

Note: Messing around with system process is not an easy task. If you do not know what you are doing, you could damage your data and/or computer hardware. Do not attempt to end any process before you investigate what that process is doing.

Where do I get it?

WinTasks 5 is a product of LIUtilities* which was founded in 1999 by a group of IT professionals. A subsiduary of Uniblue Systems Ltd., their product portfoilo consists mainly of tools and solutions for computer management and data security purposes for both the home and the business market. They are probably best known for their WinBackup software which was awarded the best Backup software of 2003.

WinTasks5 comes in two flavors, Standard and Professional. Both versions have full capabilities for managing the processes on your computer in real time with extra information on each one. The Professional version extends the functionality by allowing the user to create startup scripts, manage the programs in the auto start sections in the registry and list DLL's in use by processes.

  • The standard version cost's $29.95 downloaded or $39.95 for a boxed version.
  • The Professional version costs $49.95 downloaded and $59.95 boxed.

For this review, the downloaded Professional version was used.

Should I Read the Manual?

Well, as with all software, you should read the manual before using the software. Sometimes in the case of some software titles, the manuals can tend to be confusing and badly written, causing confusion for the user. Fortunately, the manual for WinTasks 5 is clear and informative. Before getting to the nitty gritty of how to use WinTasks, the manual explains how processes in the OS work. The manual then explains all about the components of WinTasks 5 and their use in clear and concise terms.

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      Posted by: , November 18, 2004, 6:00 pm  

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