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  A Little Rant...Hardware Reviews
  Okay, time for a little rant ;-) I finally got the mailbox cleaned out. It has probably been 5 or 6 months since that last happened. Why? Because of sites that send out 4 or 5 notices of reviews/articles a week! It really clogs up the works and that's a problem.

First, it's not really fair to sites that only send out one a week. These prolific sites tend to overwhelm everybody elses efforts. More importantly, however, is the quality of their reviews. It's amazing how poor some of these reviews can be. Considering how often they post reviews, I can't imagine they have time to thoroughly investigate the product. Many times they end up with a paragraph per page just to make the review seem longer. Videocard reviews with just 3DMark2003 and Quake 3 don't tell me anything. I want to see a review with Jedi Knight II, Aquanox, Unreal II, etc. Also, a memory review with just SiSoft Sandra's Memory Bandwidth test isn't enough either.

Lastly, the type of reviews I receive boggle my mind. I'm tired of getting reviews for fan adapters and grills. I mean, come one, how can you do a freakin' review of a fan grill??

Why do sites do this? Because reviews and articles bring in visitors, and for some, it's all about page views. However, reviews and articles can also be used to mask a lack a regular content that would keep people coming back to the site. I would like to think that we have a solid base of committed visitors that keep coming back because of the daily content. Plus, we try to keep things fresh with 5 or 6 updates a day.

I just don't have time to police all the reviews I post. So unfortunatly, some of these very culprits get through. In general, I post links to five reviews a day and like to support sites that we have relationships with...but even these sites will occasionally slip up.

Time is very important to do a good review. That is why we don't post more reviews ourselves - we just don't have the time. However, when we debut the new site design, we will post a few "mini" reviews...and we will call them such. We will not pass them off as full reviews. Truth in advertising? I guess you could say that ;-)

      Posted by: , June 23, 2003, 6:00 pm  

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