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  Lian-Li Stealth Modding Guide

11 Apr 2002

Revised 13 Apr 2002

or Mungler's Adventures in Case Modding

[Editor's Note: This is not a hardcore case modding article. Instead, it's an article that tells of a first adventure into the world of case modifications. Hopefully, instead of being overwhelmed by other case modification articles, you will be inspired to try your own hand at case modding.]

I think to start off this article, I shall talk a little about the case I am about to mod, the Lian-Li PC-60 USB. Recently these cases have been the hot topic on many websites. With their style and good looks, they have been on many people's wish list for things to get for their PC.

Below is the lovely Lian-LI PC-60 with no mods installed, up and running. What a lovely blue power LED. I'm sure that's a laser diode and not a normal LED. The HDD LED is also a stunning red.


The first thing that stands out is the fact that the floppy, Zip and CD-ROM faces do not match the case. Unfortunately, plastic and aluminum don't match. So the first thing I wanted to change was the good old beige fronts on the drive bays. After a little investigation, I saw three options.

1. Spray paint all of the drives. This was by far the simplest option. But it was also the easy way out [ed: and who wants the easy way out!]. I had the spare drive bay covers and I thought I had nothing to loose by at least trying to do the proper thing.

2. Cut the spare Aluminum drive bay covers to act as new covers for all the bays, thus keeping all the drive bays exactly matched. This was a very tempting option. Unfortunately I did not have the tools available to make a good job of this one.

3. Stealth mod the drive bays. Well, what could be more stylish? I can use the spare aluminum covers and not have to colour match any of the parts!

Naturally, I went with Option 3


Above you see a picture of my case with the front bezel removed. You may have noticed that I have spray painted the floppy drive and zip drive. Being unable to stealth mod these drives (and keep them functional), I opted to spray paint them and leave it at that. I was lucky enough to find a decent silver (yes silver) spray paint which matched the brushed aluminum exactly. You may also notice that I have removed all trace of the previous drive fronts from my 5.25" drives. Most stealth mods will keep the old drive fronts and merely use the blanking plate to cover the beige. I have removed them completely so that I may mount the stealth covers without having to adjust the seating of the bays in the case. With a PC-60, being a mid tower case, space is at a premium. So I needed to keep as much of it free as possible. I have a number of future mods in my head which may need this space.

My spare drive covers...little did they know what was in store for them!!

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Table of Contents
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Page 2: The Details

      Posted by: , April 13, 2002, 6:00 pm  

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