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  Lian-Li Window Modding Guide

For this job you require good quality metal cutting blades from any good hardware supplier. Blades come in a range of widths - the style of your window hole will determine which one you need. If you have a design that involes very sharp curves then you need a narrow blade which allows you to turn the jigsaw in a much smaller arc. If you are going for smooth long curves (the effect I'm aiming for) then you need a medium width blade. I have selected a 4mm (1/4 inch) blade.

Here you can see I have begun to cut the hole in my side panel (*gasp*). Look at that ancient jigsaw!!

The hole is finsihed! Take a moment to inspect the edges of the freshly cut hole. Those with cheap or very old jigsaws (like mine) will need to file down the edges of the hole to remove burrs and other nasty bits. In order to get a clean edge, I suggest a set of very small rounded files. It will take longer to get all the edge's clean, but the results will be a lot more even than with a larger file.

This is a good opportunity to even up some of the curves. But remember, don't file off too much or you will have a gap in the window or will not be able to fit the panel back on to the PC when you are finished.

I have chosen to use Unibond bathroom silicon sealant for the job of fixing the polycarbonate sheet to the panel. I picked up a translucent one that so that when the fixing is dry the sealant will be very hard to see around the edge's of the window.

I applied the sealant using the can (no sealant gun required on the one I bought) and then spread the sealant over the mounting area using a small pice of thick card. You do this in order to ensure that evey part of the poly sheet is stuck firmly to the side panle (I don't want it to come off). Press the polycarbonate sheet into place, then put clamps on the corners on the sheet to hold it firmly while the sealant cures. You will need to leave the sealant set for about three hours in a moderately warm room to aid the bonding process. Make sure that the side panel rests on a flat surface so that the side panel remains straight during the bonding process. If the side panel is allowed to bend while the sealant is still wet, then the fixing will not be very strong and the window may peel away from the panel.

The finished product, mounted in it's home. Now I need to get a new desk to show it off!

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Page 2: The Point of No Return

      Posted by: , June 25, 2002, 6:00 pm  

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