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  Verbatim 90X Store 'n' Go PRO USB 2.0 Drive

Author: Agi

The original flash drives were USB 1.0/1.1 compatible. While faster than floppy drives, these early flash drives were not exactly speed demons. When the USB 2.0 drives entered the market, the speed bump was noticeable...and appreciated. However, not all USB 2.0 drives are created equal. A new generation of USB 2.0 flash drives claim to be significantly faster than their predecessors. Are they really that much faster? Should you replace your current drive for one of these new drives? We put Verbatim's Store 'n' Go PRO flash drive to the test.


Verbatim's Store 'n' Go Pro devices claim up to 23MB/sec read (over 150X in terms of CD speed rating) and 14MB/sec (over 90X) write speeds. They are available in capacities ranging from 256MB to 2GB.

Verbatim Stor n Go

Key features of the Store ??n?? Go Pro USB drives include:

  • V-Safe Security Software with a user-adjustable security partition, anti-tamper password entry, and secure data encryption.
  • V-Key File Synchronization Software helps users manage data to ensure that the most current information is updated between devices and provides an easy to use on-screen interface for accessing your Store ??n?? Go Pro.
  • Customization features let the user personalize the device with a custom volume name, device icon, or preferred audio sounds.
  • An all-new ultra-slim design makes it easier to use in stacked port arrangements, common in today??s compact notebooks and USB hubs.
  • A user label area that can be used with the included labels to identify or personalize the device.
  • Individual serial numbers on the case to make each drive uniquely identifiable.

Lighted backend

The photo above attempts to show the flashing LED's on the end of the drive. They will flash alternately when drive activity is taking place.

The Verbatim Stor n Gro PRO drive requires

  • Windows 98SE*/Me/2000/XP
  • Mac OS 9.x and above
  • Linux Kernal 2.6.x and above

For reliability, Verbatim??s new Store ??n?? Go Pro drives feature an on-board 32 bit ARM-7 microprocessor that manages I/O operations and many of the drive??s technical features. An advanced wear-leveling algorithm is used to distribute writes evenly among flash storage cells. By evenly distributing the writing, Store ??n?? Go Pro strives for reliability rating of over one million write/erase cycles. Advanced EDC/ECC (Error Detection Code/Error Correction Code) furthers the Store ??n?? Go Pro??s immunity to failure.

The complete package includes the Store ??n?? Go Pro USB Drive, Carry Lanyard, User Labels, pre-loaded V-Safe Security and V-Key File Synchronization Software, and a Quick Start Guide.

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Table of Contents
Page 1: Introduction and Features
Page 2: Performance, Security and Conclusions

      Posted by: , January 10, 2005, 6:00 pm  

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