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Norton AntiVirus 2004 Adds Spyware Protection Posted August 25, 2003 EDT 12:33PM by Agitator!!

Symantec today announced Norton AntiVirus 2004.
    Utilizing new, state-of-the-art technology, Norton AntiVirus 2004 will provide consumers with core protection against certain emerging non-virus threats such as spyware and keystroke logging programs. Scheduled for wide availability in early September, Norton AntiVirus 2004 will empower home and small office users to proactively ward off privacy and security breeches that are often caused by the presence of these non-virus threats.

    The new expanded threat detection capabilities of Norton AntiVirus 2004 will include scans for programs on the user's computer that can be used with malicious intent to compromise the security of a system, spy on the user's private data, or track users' online behavior. To help ensure maximum protection Norton AntiVirus 2004 will identify and block these threats at the point of entry to the system, detecting the threats during scans of email and instant message attachments, or during scheduled or on-demand system scans.

    Norton AntiVirus 2004 will also offer users of Windows 2000/XP added protection from viruses lurking in compressed files -- the type of files commonly exchanged with the use of services such as peer-to-peer networks or instant messaging. This new, real-time compressed-file scanning feature prevents users of file-exchange services from sharing or downloading infected files even if those files are compressed. Additionally, as a measure to protect users from pirated or counterfeit software, Norton AntiVirus 2004 will also now include a product activation component.

    To ensure Norton AntiVirus 2004 users' protection stays updated against new online threats, Symantec's LiveUpdate will check for new antivirus updates whenever the user is online. LiveUpdate will then automatically and unobtrusively download updates in the background to minimize disruptions, thus allowing users to achieve the continued peace of mind that comes with knowing their antivirus product is working at its best.

    Norton AntiVirus 2004 will also be offered in a professional edition, which will include all of the capabilities of the standard version, as well as additional protection features to help ensure the integrity and safety of data. Norton AntiVirus 2004 Professional will include both a data recovery component that helps users restore files that were damaged or accidentally deleted as well as a data-cleaning tool that digitally shreds deliberately deleted files. In addition, to help protect households and home offices with more than one PC, Norton AntiVirus 2004 Professional will include a two-computer license.
Sheesh, two steps forward - one step back. The steps forward are the inclusion of the Spyware tool (yes, I know about Ad-Aware and Spybot but most users don't) and the 2-pc license, but the Product Activation feature is definitely a step backward...and don't insult our intelligence by saying it's designed to protect the consumer.

Source: Symantec

Name: Occupant
E-mail: N/A
Date: August 26, 2003 EDT 7:39PM
Comment: Sure it is. Its to protect the consumer from pirate PC shops who put All kinds of free software on PCs... Its annoying, but its probably the way everyone is going to go, since keygens exist for nearly everything.

E-mail: N/A
Date: August 25, 2003 EDT 10:31PM
Comment: yeah, thanks symantec :(

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