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Been thinking about...NVIDIA's NV35 Posted March 29, 2003 EST 6:03PM by Agitator!!

I've just finished writing a short editorial on NVIDIA's upcoming NV35.
    In some respects, the launch of NVIDIA's GeForce FX (NV30) turned out to be a disappointment. The cards were extremely noisy and the performance was less spectacular. When you add in the lack of availabilty of the cards, the uncertain status of the 5800 Ultra and the imminent release of new cards from ATI, the launch of the NV30 almost was a non-event. How is NVIDIA going to respond?
You can find the rest of the editorial here.

Name: Bishop
Date: April 28, 2003 EDT 6:42PM
Comment: Yeah I have a gf3 and Im going to wait to see what the nv35 can do, but then I wonder if I should wait for the nv40. Is it likely the NV40 will be out before 2004?

Name: Fusion
E-mail: N/A
Date: April 13, 2003 EDT 1:54AM
Comment: I certainly will wait for the NV35. Im confident that Nvidia have learnt from their mistakes and will do a good job this time around. The NV35 i am confident will be my next GPU upgrade. Of course not straight away, but by the end of the year, possibly even after NV40 is announced it should be at a decent price.

As for the NV35 being announced next month, well remember how long the NV30 was announced? it wont be out until at least August, so they win both ways.. The idiots who think the FX 5800ultra is a good buy will still be fooled and buy it, and the people who know it isnt will be assured that a newer product will soon grace the market and deliver what the FX couldnt.

Name: richie
E-mail: N/A
Date: April 8, 2003 EDT 2:08AM
Comment: NV35 will RULE the second half of this year! This is ONE BADASS chip....and I personally have seen it in action. Blame TSMC for the NV30. NVDA engineering was just too far ahead of TSMC's capability. As for the author of this story, you have no idea of what you are talking about. NVDA will beat the estimates this Q.....and here's a link just for you:

Name: Dan
E-mail: N/A
Date: April 1, 2003 EST 11:49PM
Comment: I think the NV35 will be definitively faster than the Radeon 9800 Pro. The 128-bit memory interface was a big bottleneck. But ATi will probably starts the R400 only a couple of months after the NV35 : a good reason to wait a little more before upgrading my Ti4600, I guess...

Name: Eric
E-mail: N/A
Date: April 1, 2003 EST 1:32AM
Comment: I have also been a NVidia fan since the TNT2 card came out. A coulple years ago I purchased a ATI 9500 and returned it to the company because the drivers were terrible. If there is one reason why I might stick with NVidia in the future, it's because of their drivers. I am quite dissapointed in how NVidia dropped the ball on the release of the NV30. Right now I am not looking forward to the release of the NV35, but rather the next release from ATI. Maybe NVidia will get their crpa together and come out with some products in the near future that can rival the price and quality of ATI. Maybe ATI will start releasing consistant quality drivers. Right now ATI has the lead by quite a bit.

Name: Jason
E-mail: N/A
Date: March 31, 2003 EST 5:37PM
Comment: I have been an NVIDIA fan boy for a while now with a TNT, TNT2, GeForce256 DDR, GeForce2 GTS and most recently a GeForce4 Ti 4600. The quality of a graphics card has always taken priority over price and I have always been impressed with the driver quality and stability with the NVIDIA products. However we recently had the need (Morrowind) for an additional higher-end video card in the house - and now we have an ATI Radeon 9500 Pro. While I had to reinstall XP to get the ATI card to work well, everything now seems to be operational (maybe not Collin McRae Rally 2). When I compare the ATI 9500 Pro to the NVIDIA Ti 4600, I can't see why I would pay CDN$160 more for the NVIDIA product. I think NVIDIA seriously dropped the ball with the NV30. It would not be hard for my next video card to be an NVIDIA, but they are going to have to beat ATI not just in quality but in price now too.

Name: Scott
Date: March 31, 2003 EST 11:35AM
Comment: This is really a bad sign from NVidia. They have never late-released a product when a new one was ready before (remember the original GeForce 2 Ultra and GeForce3 were released at about the same time?). This might be a signal that either the NV35 is either not ready for prime time or is being reworked. I switched to ATi quite a while ago for the prettier DX (8500), but I was really looking forward the the GeForce FX. If nothing happens soon I might go for the 9800 Pro...

Name: Buggerlugs
E-mail: N/A
Date: March 30, 2003 EST 9:29AM
Comment: Agreed, I can quite happily play blackhawk down at 800x600 with everything turned up and 2xAA on my geforce2 pro....i've fell for Nvidia's marketing lies in the past and won't fall for it again. Hoping to get a 9700pro when the new Ati card comes out and the price of the 9700 plummets. Should make a big difference for little outlay.

Name: Silence
E-mail: N/A
Date: March 30, 2003 EST 2:08AM
Comment: I agree with both.....i'm still a fan, I'll never change unless I see a giant leap in performance with ati cards/or something else vs. nvidia.

Name: Occupant
E-mail: N/A
Date: March 30, 2003 EST 12:50AM
Comment: Absolutely. Iam not going to buy an uber expensive, GeforceFX card, just for the hell of it. I can play all the games now at 1600x1200 32bit with all details turned on, with my geforce4 card. When games come out that make that a slide show, I'll consider upgrading...But why blow 500 - 700 bucks on the part of my system that isnt a bottle neck?

Name: Chris
E-mail: N/A
Date: March 29, 2003 EST 10:57PM
Comment: I think many nvidia fans have put off upgrading their gf3 and gf4 cards until they see what the nv35 can do.

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