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Team AMD Tech Tour, Spring 2001 - Part 1

20 April 2001

AMD, once the "little engine that could", is now a force to be reckoned with. This past week, AMD posted another positive earnings quarter. But they are not content to sit on that good news...they are looking for more and that is what the Team AMD Tech Tour is all about. They are speaking to system builders, evangelizing the gospel of AMD.

This past Thursday, Team AMD made a stop in Philadelphia. There were about 400 people present and the majority of those were system builders and OEM's. AMD brought with them some of their partners like Asus, MSI, Microsoft, NVIDIA and DFI. Part 2 of this feature will cover those partners and their latest wares including DDR motherboards. Oh, and believe the hype, the GeForce3 looks even more incredible live.

For people who liked to win things, this show was incredible. Prizes included a 19" NEC monitor, Windows 2000, motherboards galore, video cards and 1GHz Athlons. Unfortunately, I came away empty handed...doh!

Part 1 of this feature will cover the Sales and Marketing Presentation and the Technical Presentation. If want to skip the corporate fluff, just jump to the Technical page.

Sales and Marketing Presentation

This past week, AMD announced a 9% increase in profits while the industry as a whole is struggling. They also announced that they had gained another 4% market share from Intel. While their biggest gains have come from the consumer market, AMD is out to prove they belong in the business market. They talked about things like TCO, Financial Security and their Technology Innovation. One thing they focused on was that their value and performance line of processors both used the same platform (Socket A); the competiton can not make that claim. Consequently it adds to AMD's scalability - you can easily move from a Duron to a Thunderbird if you have the need for more power.

Though it wasn't a major point in their presentation, AMD reminded the audience of their 30 years in IC design and that Flash Memory contributes a major portion of their sales.

Part of the presentation included a little comparison of how the Duron was built on 1999 architecture while the Celeron was built on 1995 technology. They also tossed in a little benchmark lovin' showing the merits of the Athlon over the Pentium 4.

While it was informative, the Sales Presentation paled in comparison to the Technical Presentation.

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