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Chipset Guide: Let the confusion begin

For AMD Athlon users:

1. AMD's 750 - Pro: Supports Ultra 66; compatible with AMD's Thunderbird processor. Con: No AGP 4X; only maximum memory of 768MB.

2. VIA's KX133 - Pro: Ultra 66 and AGP 4X support; maximum memory of 2GB. Con: Does not work with new "Thunderbird" processor.

3. VIA's KT133 - Pro: Supports PC133, Ultra 66 and AGP 4X. Con: None at this time.

A more reasonable amount of choices. In the future, look for:

1. AMD's 760 - Pro: AGP 4X and DDR support; 8GB max RAM.

2. AMD's 760MP - Pro: Dual Processor, AGP 4X and DDR support; 8GB max RAM.

3. SiS' SiS730S - Pro: AGP 4X, 1.5GB RAM and Ultra 100 support; low cost. Con: Only PC133 support, integrated audio and video.

4. VIA's K7-DDR - Pro: Ultra 100, AGP 4X and DDR support.


When you buy a complete system, you rarely have the opportunity to specify which chipset they are going to use. However, for those who build their own's a jungle out there. Remember that the motherboard is the hardest component to upgrade/replace.

Even though we don't have the ability to predict the future, try and make sure that whatever motherboard you decide on, it will not be obsolete in six months. If you are in the market for a motherboard now, it might benefit you to wait a little while longer. Iwill is releasing a DDR-based motherboard later this month. Crucial is already selling DDR memory on their website. The industry is about to take another evolutionary step and the safest place may be on the sidelines for a bit longer.

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Intel Choices


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